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  • Casey Monahan

Friends & Family

Roland and Casey at Hornitos


Joseph and the mystery staircase in Santa Fe, NM


Dani and Joseph at Caddo Lake


Father Bernard and Joseph


Casey and mentor and Form Master Father Bernard Marten of Cistercian


Steven and Joseph


Grady Tuck and Margaret Wright


Marc Fort and George Strait


Grandma SueSue Bledsoe and Dani


Dani and her Grandmother


Casey and Dani's Grandmother


Joseph, Casey, James McMurtry and Ray Wylie Hubbard at the shed


our first day as a couple in Austin


A photo I took of Doug Sahm at the Hole in the Wall in 1989. For once he wasn't wearing sunglasses


the house I grew up in on Meletio Lane


Feruza, Mamura, Komola and Dilshod Azimov


Augusta, John and Melissa Key on Dorset Street


Casey and Buddy Holly's band The Crickets with Richard Luckett


Casey and Catherine Melvin; she is what a public servant should be


Casey and a dear friend Bill Ham


Casey and the great Ty Gavin


Casey and Girl In A Coma


Cousin Bill Hearne singing at our wedding


David Halley singing at our wedding


Harvey Thomas Young singing at our wedding


Rick Broussard singing at Dani and Casey's wedding


Casey on the Blanco River 1979; photo by Lisa Pagones


Casey, Anita, Joseph, Dani and GOV. Rick Perry


Casey and then-mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. He is now the US Ambassador to Japan


Casey in the 1980s; photo by Bill Leissner


Casey, Joseph and bassist John McCormick. John and I received First Communion together


Casey and Joseph. Photo by John Kelso


Casey and Dani farming


Casey and Andrew Leeper


Casey and Roky and a 2-headed-dog cake


Casey and my friend's kid, Ciarin


Casey and some Texas cavers in Bustamante, Mexico


Casey, Joe Nick and Doug Sahm at SXSW softball game


Every Texan should spend some time in Galveston


Roky Erickson loved to receive mail. When he received unsolicited offers of “free” things, he would dutifully fill them out and send them back. This is a photo of the free keychain solicitation he responded too. He was excited to give it to me; he had three. Who knows what happened to the other two. His home in Del Valle had so much “stuff”that no one could keep track of it, including Roky. When he finally vacated that subsidized space it took weeks to clean up. No telling what how much cool Roky stuff was trashed. I cherish the yellow spiral notebook he gave me from this period. Although troubled, he still had a beautiful and kind mind. When Henry Rollins and I visited once he was stunned at the space and wrote a incisive essay about it. I’ll try to find it and post it when I can. Henry took photos, too. I never took photos of it. Made me too sad.


Life long high school sweethearts Joe Nick and Kris


Peter Monahan kayaking in the Blanco River


Lisa Benbow Cameron from Benbow, California, friend for 46 years


Steven Ash, John Key and (in river) Clay McCain


Borger, TX native James Webb


Sam Norris Allred and Kate Ludlow


one of the smartest things I ever did was insist that the Statesman hire Peter Blackstock as my successor as Live Music Listings editor


a rare snowfall on the shed


Governor Perry honors Wofford Denius for his many contributions to Texas Music


Casey and the great gospel singer Yolanda Adams


Meadow, TX native Tom Copeland and Casey at the Adios, Bob Hudgins Party at the French Legation. Tom's ability to get Hollywood BigWigs to film in Texas is legendary. He and Joseph Dial hired me to run the Texas Music Office


I would rarely miss a Blaze Foley show at the Austin Outhouse


Sometimes my brother would visit from South Padre Island


I hitchhiked to New York City in 1982 to practice speaking Russian


Casey, Cindi Lazzari, Layne Lauritzen, and Joe Preisnitz. I miss Cindi and Joe, good people


Casey and Mr. Carlos Sosa


Casey and Lloyd Maines pose as tough guys


Casey and the great Billy Joe Shaver


Roky drew me a picture of his Psychiatrick Cape


My high school running buddy Steven Patterson Ash (as always, he's laughing)


My brother Michael toasted us at our Vow Renewal


Bill Minor, Louisa Brinsmade, and their daughters Willa and Thea


Casey and Dani's Vow Renewal at the Driskill Hotel with

Master of Ceremonies Joe Nick Patoski


My Mom's little sister Carole and her husband Uncle John Riedmaier


Dani and our sister Megan


Casey goes botanical!


Dani enjoying Zilker Botanical Garden


My father Albert Monahan and his brother Larry Monahan


My brother Michael, his wife Haydee, me, and Dani


Casey, Jennifer and Rick Broussard. Everyone is happy because we all just ate a Dani feast


My uncle Larry Monahan on right; my godfather Jim Leonard at left


My godparents Jim and Josephine Leonard; my son is named after my godmother


Josephine Leonard and Casey. She was my Mom's best friend


Cindy Walker and Cousin Bill Hearne


Cindy Walker makes us an Ice Cream Sundae


Casey, friend and fellow Hillcrest High alum John Mintz, and soulful singer Toni Price on Thanksgiving 1995


Eclipse 2023


Dani, Joseph, and Casey in Hawaii


My oldest friend Captain John McCormick and Sarah Palin


Joseph at Artisan Flooring outside Webberville, TX


Patriarch of the Swensons


Joseph and Dillon Andrews


John Key's oldest son John with Sunny,

a cool cat Dani and Joseph rescued from the Carver Library bushes.


Joseph hosted a lunch party for his classmates at Herbert's Taco Hut in San Marcos.

I've been eating there since 1978.


Matt Adelman of Donn's Depot and Joseph swimming at Wimberly's blue hole.


Helping wash Aunt Carol and Uncle John's car in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, 1966


Junior Brown and his first guitar


War Machine


Joseph and Dani enjoyed touring the Battleship Texas,

the World War I ship now docked in Galveston harbor


Joseph and his barber for the past 6 years,

the 82 year old Schulenberg native Kervin Warnken


Bill Campbell and John Reed play the shed; Bill and John are 2 of my favorite musicians


Thom Tarver in my backyard 2022


Ciarin and Joseph


Cassie's daughter Alexa


Joseph and Philip Zbylot, MD


Jim Phillips and Joseph at Dirty Martin's. Jim discovered and wrote about the Treaty Oak poisoner, and beat the police in identifying its poisoner. He also endured the Henry Lee Lucas trial. He's probably the best crime reporter Austin's ever had.


Joseph and Eliza Fanuel


Joseph, Sylvia and Dani


Joseph and Neighbor Keith


My sister Megan and Joseph in Dallas


Jenn Grayson and Joseph


Dear friend Mukhayyo and one of her many feasts she made for her family


Philip and his youngest grandchild, Elina.


The gang at Donn's

(Left to right, Kevin Connor, Stuart Sullivan, Joe Nick Patoski, and Charlie Sotelo)


Micael Priest and Joseph


Joseph and Kris Cummings


A poem Cindy Walker wrote to me.


Darlene Colone was the glue that held the Statesman newsroom together.


Another smart reporter with a huge heart, Guillermo Garcia.


Joseph and a patient principal John Hewlett


Mukhayyo Azimova (4th from left) in Mecca celebrating her Hajj with her friends from her hometown of Tashkent, Uzbekistan


True Myrtle in my backyard before the freeze of 2021 killed it.


My Uzbek friends 2007.


Casey and Rustam at Madrasa in Tashkent.


Casey and Rustam dining in Tashkent with the National Singer of Uzbekistan Munojot Yoʻlchiyeva.


I lucked into buying this house in 1999 from Jim Campbell for $35,000.


904 East 14th Street in 2000 after renovation by Joe Zakes, Doug Morgan and Keith Swenson


A nurse from Cincinnati


A friend since ninth grade David Dawson


Ornette Coleman in Austin


Denardo Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Ed Bass and Casey at the Governor's Mansion


Ornette shopping at Waterloo Records


Emmylou Harris in my backyard 2011


Roky Erickson, Henry Rollins and Craig Stewart at Openers II book release at Tower Records


Casey and Craig Stewart


Joseph and Craig Stewart, a big hearted music lover who helped make SXSW music what it is today.


Joseph and Wolfgang Minor at Wolfie's birthday party


Some of the women of Taskent


My Mom and Dad loved a good party.


Lead carpenter Doug Morgan kept my whole home from falling down with this simple trick in 1999. My home was built in 1885.


Kathy and Terry Plemons and Joseph outside Casa de Luz after a great meal.

Terry was a friend, a caver, and Terry Raines saved his life.


Casey, Dani, Haydee and my brother Michael Monahan in Nacogdoches.


Dani and Casey and Joseph at Snack Bar (1224 South Congress), one of my favorite Austin restaurants of all time.


Val and Kristin Link with their twins Eva & Camilla, and Dani and Joseph at Casa de Luz.


Casey and Governor Richards

Photo by Scott Newman. After Richards beat Clayton Williams I thought that perhaps I might lose my job to politics. I’d held the job for nearly 2 years but in state government one’s job is never secure. The Texas Music Office at that time was part of the Texas Department of Commerce, and Governor Richards brought in Richard Moya with the direction of getting rid of Republicans at that agency. I was invited to a meeting in the conference room that included Governor Richards; John Anderson (then head of Economic Development Division); the head of the Tourism Department whose name I don’t recall; Tom Copeland (head of Texas Film Commission, soon to be replaced by Marlene Saritzky who'd raised money for Richards in California via the Hollywood Womens Political Action Committee); and little old me. Each of us was given 5 minutes or so to describe our programs. I brought a 3 by 5 index card with bullet points on what I’d done and what I sought to do. I had described the Texas Music Office many times up to that point so I was practiced at selling the program and myself. I was talking rather quickly as time was short. Toward the end of my salespitch she interupted me and said “Oh Casey, I know all about you, please sit down.” I kept my job. Phew!


Casey and Governor Perry


Casey and Governor George W. Bush


Stephen Lee Ray and Marcara Verlee Fort welcome Joseph

and Dani to the Texas Music Office.



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