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  • Casey Monahan

MIDEM, etc.

Brownlee Ferguson at Midem


Casey, James Minor, Ralph Murphy, Roland at MIDEM


Brent, Roland and John Kunz at MIDEM.

For a long time MIDEM was the must-attend music business event. I was a registrant for 24 consecutive years, but it was crushed by South by Southwest.


Biff and Brent at MIDEM


Obviously Brent was not interested in the many yachts in Cannes harbor.


Roland, Brent, Biff Parker (Stephen Stelmach) and Kenn Goodman at the Texas stand at MIDEM. Kenn is a legendary Chicago-based record label mogul and bassist/keyboardist. I loved it when Kenn joined the Texas Stand as he is one funny man.


Calvin Owens and George Clinton at MIDEM


Casey and Roland at MIDEM


Sam Taylor offers bribe to Casey at MIDEM. JK!


Richard Chalk of Top Cat and Patrick Mathe of New Rose



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